Available Finishes

The following are samples of the finishes available on our products. Not all finishes are pictured since you can’t really tell much about a finish from a photograph. The finishes and descriptions shown should give you a general idea of what is available.

Standard Brass Finishes

All items are unlacquered unless noted.

  • Bright Brass – brass is polished to a mirror-like shine
  • Antique Brass – oxidized to a natural aged patina. All antique finishes can be removed with brass polish. This is considered the “standard” for our antique finish.

No-cost optional finishes for brass

  • Satin brass – coarse, non-reflective polished finish
  • Light Antique – less oxidation than our standard antique finish
  • Dark Antique – more oxidation than our standard antique finish

Optional finishes available at extra cost

Any of the above finishes with clear lacquer applied. This will seal the finish, giving years of use on indoor applications. Life is limited on exterior applications.

Iron Finishes

  • Antique wax – iron is chemically oxidized and waxed
  • As Forged – metal is lightly wire brushed and waxed only
  • Black Lacquer – flat black paint for interior hardware. This is our standard interior finish for iron.
  • Black Enamel – Black semi-gloss paint for exterior hardware. A two step process of primer followed by enamel. This is our standard exterior finish for iron.
  • Bright Steel – steel is wire brushed until shiny and Clear Lacquer applied
  • No finish – nothing is done to the metal, not even wire brushed

The picture quality may not accurately reflect the actual finish. Some things just have to be seen to be believed!

Tin Finishes

  • Bright tin – shiny silver look
  • Aged tin – dull pewter look
  • Rusted and waxed – rusty brown look
  • Black lacquer – flat black paint

Copper Finishes

  • Bright – highly polished to mirror-like finish
  • Antiqued – finish is oxidized to a natural aged color