H17 and H18 Tall Case Clock Hinges

For your order of the above hinges we must have more information so that we may furnish you with the proper size hinges for your requirements.

On the following sketch “A” represents the door thickness, “B” represents the frame thickness, and “C” represents the thickness of the lip. The lip thickness usually specified for new work is 3/8″, but some of the old clocks use 5/16 or 1/2″. This lip thickness will correspond to the offset on the H17 or H18 hinges. Lip thickness is the same as offset only when frame and door thickness are the same.

H18 Hinges Reference

With this information we can produce hinges for you that will have the screws into the edge of the door and the edge of the frame centered. The distance between the screw hole centers is equal to the thickness of the lip.

Please note the H17 and H18 hinges as shown are 1-1/8″ along the pin, plus the finial length. This is the most common size of originals found. If you are working on an old clock that has had the hinges changed before, and therefore is cut out further, we can supply longer ones to special order as required. We will be glad to quote on these if needed. The cost of making the H17 or H18 hinges offset to fit your particular clock is included in the price.

We have in the past been asked to provide hinges with a “kitchen cabinet” type offset where the pin is visible at the outside edge of the door lip. Since this style hinge was only invented in the past fifty years or so, we are sorry but we must refuse to accept orders for hinges made in that manner. Naturally it would be best to make the clock door the right way in the first place and avoid the necessity of this type of hinge.