Door Knob Installation

Mounting of knobs, drops and lever handles

Our doorknobs are a bit different from most other knobs currently available. Our spindles must be drilled to accept the knob setscrew! We use steel setscrews to fasten the knob to the spindle. The steel screw is used in place of the brass screw due to many failures of brass setscrews. The failures were typically related to improper installation of the knobs. This caused difficulty in removing the knob from the spindle.

When our Knobs are installed correctly the setscrew is invisible and the Knobs will not get loose on the spindle. If these instructions are not followed then you may have trouble with the knob being loose on the spindle.

  1. Insert the spindle through the door and lock after installation of the lock is complete. Be certain that the spindle goes through easily. If you have to force the spindle through the door, your spindle hole in the door must be bigger to allow the spindle to turn freely.  Remove the setscrews from the knobs.
  2. Once you are certain that the spindle will turn freely, Insert the spindle through the door with equal amounts of spindle protruding on each side of the door.
  3. Slide the knobs onto the spindle with the setscrew holes facing up and the rosettes in place. If the knobs will not slide up tight to the door you may have to cut the spindle length.
  4. With the knobs held firmly in place mark the spindle through the setscrew holes with a pencil.
  5. Remove the Knobs and the spindle
  6. Center punch on the marks you made
  7. Drill a 7/32″ hole 1/8″ deep at the marks. These holes will accept the setscrew and your knobs will never get loose!
  8. Install one knob on the spindle, tighten the setscrew and push through the door (be sure to face the setscrew down this time, so it is not seen).
  9. Mount the Knob on the opposite side of the door. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!


  • The hole in the spindle should be deep enough so that the setscrew is flush with the Knob.
  • Be certain that the spindle operates freely, otherwise the lock will not work properly.
  • Other company’s spindles that have milled slots to accept the setscrew are not as effective and may allow the knobs to slip over time. We do not recommend using this product just to save time!